Ideas into action: Styne’s new van livery

It’s still satisfying to see your work out there in the real world rather than on a computer screen. I have just seen the new branding Scream Blue Murder designed for the Styne Group on one of their vans and I couldn’t help waving at the driver who clearly had no idea who I was. […]

How do I add e-commerce to my website?

Selling products and services online has been paramount to the survival of many companies during the Covid-19 crisis.  Big brands have been spending heavily to improve their online offerings and many small businesses are staying afloat by online trading. I have been asked so many times in the past few weeks about adding e-commerce to […]

7 Tips on how to choose a font to be a part of your brand

Recently I’ve been working with start-up businesses, helping them identify and construct their company’s brand which included choosing fonts to represent their products or services. I also work with firms looking to change or expand their current corporate brand identity, looking to ensure potential customers recognise them. Correctly building your brand is everything – it […]

Bug report: No, not the creepy crawly kind!

A problem has just been reported to us with one of the WordPress plugins we regularly use on customer sites. Yoast SEO provides an easy way to customise they way links to your site look in Google’s search results, and many other more advanced features to help your site appear higher in the ranking. A […]

What’s in a Logo?

Part 1  – The history of logo design and branding In this 3-parter, we’ll look at how to design the perfect logo for your business and how to build your brand. But to kick off, we’re taking a brief look at the long and illustrious history of logo design and branding. The use of logos […]

New loading dock for Anglia Freight hits the news!

It’s wonderful when one of our clients hits the local newspapers! Anglia Freight, a local logistics company opened their ‘Cross Dock’ this week – a new 17,000 sq ft covered loading area costing them approximately half a million pounds. Not only are Anglia Freight already part of the Palletline distribution system, partnered with Hazchem Network and […]

Presentation of ‘A Classical Adventure: The Architectural History of Downing College’

The Howard Foundation commissioned Tim Rawle to be the author and photographer of ‘A Classical Adventure’, a book about Downing College published in September 2015 and already lauded by The Georgian as a “well-researched architectural history” with “exceptional photographs”. On Saturday 16th July, Tim Rawle will be giving a lecture in The Howard Theatre, Downing College, Cambridge. The Book in […]

Fitting tribute to the Battle of the Somme

Today, people are uniting to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the Battle of the Somme. 600,000 British soldiers fought for our country – 20,000 of whom never returned. It was the bloodiest day in our history. This tragic event will be acknowledged and honoured across our country with 2 minutes of silence. One of Scream Blue Murder’s […]

Better browsing: image size matters!

It’s accepted wisdom these days that page loading times are pretty crucial to our experience when we visit a website: so crucial in fact, that according to KissMetrics, if a page takes more than 2 seconds to load, we get seriously twitchy and at 3 seconds, 40 per cent of us are likely to abandon the page – and […]