Enough was enough!

I’ve worked in graphic design for over 30 years. I love how vibrant and constantly evolving the industry is, and my enthusiasm for it continually grows. I always had a vision to build a company that not only demonstrated my love of graphic design but also ensured emerging technologies were at the forefront of each project. Scream Blue Murder has been my lifeblood for so many years, and with each year, I grow increasingly more involved and determined to offer the very best design communication and marketing packages to clients.

‘Enough was enough’, and I was about to scream blue murder! During 1993, I had several short-term contracts working for large creative consultancies. Working for others, I had a hankering for autonomy and could see an opportunity to ‘do it for myself’ and set up my own business. The name stuck. I set the wheels in motion to create a company with one mission; to deliver great design which communicates to audiences, and Scream Blue Murder was formed. Back then, our projects were mainly for print, working with all the traditional techniques used to produce everything from corporate brand identities, graphics for signage and events to brochures, presentations, and advertising.

It works!

Nearly 30 years later, the world has gone online and mobile, shaping communications strategies along the way. Scream Blue Murder has evolved to offer complete design communication and marketing packages to companies of all sizes. Working at the forefront of these dynamic technologies, our team has grown too. I have selected a fantastic group of professionals in all areas of communication, including marketers, graphic designers, web developers, and copywriters. Tapping into these digital channels has enabled us to deliver more profound levels of engagement and insight than ever before.

We are a close-knit family that has fun!

Scream Blue Murder is a close-knit family, sharing mindsets and a collective desire to produce work of the highest standard. Together, we come to work every day with the same simple ethos that started this company three decades ago. As a result, we deliver great design that speaks for our clients’ brands in a language their audience’s respect and wants to engage with. We are now synonymous with being client-led, ethical, professional, innovative and above all else, fun!

Gold dust

Over the years, I have heard fascinating stories from companies of how they got into business, overcame challenges and more recently, how they have navigated the pandemic to grow again. These conversations, often over two or three cups of coffee, are gold dust. Tapping into their ‘why’, business owners relate how their colourful backstories have got them to where they are today. They share how they are trying to help their customers, and I enjoy discovering what they really need for their design and marketing instead of just giving them what they think they need.

We still talk about it 3 years later!

My best feeling is when a client is not just happy but ecstatic! One of the jobs I’m still proud of wasn’t a huge job, but sometimes it’s the smaller ones that give you the most creative pleasure. A blank creative brief and a requirement for something ‘different and digital’ resulted in a superior product that was more creative and engaged with their audience on a completely different level. We still talk about it three years later!

Making a positive difference to everyone we meet

Scream Blue Murder is here to make a positive difference to everyone we meet. Our design, marketing and communication solutions are informed and driven by data. This way, we deliver our clients’ marketing success, positive commercial results, and a return on investment. More importantly, we tell their story to engage their audience. We tap into their raison d’être, sharing why they came into being and what drove them to create the products or services that help their customers now and in the future. We all like to know ‘why’, so this is my story and the story of Scream Blue Murder.

‘There’s always a story’ – Karin Carruthers

What story would you tell?

We don’t whisper your story. We Scream Blue Murder.

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