Weaving Baskets and Teamwork: Discovering the Magic of Unity

Twigs and teamwork Have you ever looked at a bundle of fragile, bendy willow twigs and marvelled at how they can be transformed into something strong, beautiful, and enduring? Well, I recently witnessed this transformation first-hand during a willow weaving workshop in France, and it left me with more than just a newfound appreciation for […]

Reconnecting – A Journey of Rediscovery

I recently took a brief trip to the Dordogne in the stunning French countryside to visit an old friend and former willow basket tutor, Adrian Charlton, and recharge my batteries. What I hadn’t envisaged was the sense of reconnection that it brought into my life as I recoupled with old friendships, nature and traditional skills. […]

Different Chimneys – A Different Perspective

How often do you view your landscape from an elevated perspective? My village is filled with charming cottages, each with its own unique character, which I observe from eye level as I walk past them on the way to work. But what if I look at them from a different angle, over the rooftops, as […]

Frustration vs Fascination

We’re all creatures of habits, and, of late, part of my daily routine has been to delve into Jim Rohn. You may have heard of his famous quote, ‘Learn how to turn frustration into fascination. You will learn more being fascinated by life than you will be being frustrated by it.’ This week, wow, where do […]

Scream Blue Murder does Tough Mudder

The Tough Mudder Challenge 2022 – why? Karin Carruthers from Scream Blue Murder shares her story of tackling Tough Mudder earlier this year.

Scream Blue Murder – Our Story.

Enough was enough! I’ve worked in graphic design for over 30 years. I love how vibrant and constantly evolving the industry is, and my enthusiasm for it continually grows. I always had a vision to build a company that not only demonstrated my love of graphic design but also ensured emerging technologies were at the […]