I recently took a brief trip to the Dordogne in the stunning French countryside to visit an old friend and former willow basket tutor, Adrian Charlton, and recharge my batteries. What I hadn’t envisaged was the sense of reconnection that it brought into my life as I recoupled with old friendships, nature and traditional skills.

Reconnecting to old friendships

The joy of reconnecting with an old friend, reminiscing, and catching up on life’s twists and turns was truly priceless. Seeing Adrian, his willow basket workshop, immersed in his lifestyle reminded me of the importance of nurturing our relationships amidst our busy lives.

Reconnecting to Nature

France’s picturesque landscapes and serene countryside served as the perfect backdrop for me to reconnect with nature. Spending time outdoors, immersing myself in the beauty of the natural world, and breathing in the fresh air brought a sense of tranquillity and inner peace that I had longed for. It’s incredible how reconnecting with nature can rekindle our spirits and invigorate our souls.

Reconnecting to Traditional Skills

Chatting to Adrian reminded me of the value of preserving traditional skills. Learning the art of weaving baskets from willow reeds rekindled my passion for this craft. It reminded me that in today’s fast-paced, digital world, embracing these time-honoured skills can provide a deeper connection to our cultural heritage and a renewed sense of purpose.

Disconnecting to Reconnect

While in France, I consciously tried to disconnect from the digital noise that often engulfs our lives. By immersing myself in the present moment, my senses were awakened, allowing me to experience life in its purest form. It served as a reminder that, amidst our hectic schedules and endless to-do lists, we must make time to pause and reconnect with our inner selves.

When was the last time you reconnected with nature, an old friend, a colleague, or a forgotten passion? Remember, life isn’t solely about work and productivity. Reconnecting with the people, places, and activities that matter most to you can profoundly impact your well-being and creativity.

Reconnections are a powerful force in our lives. They can rewire our brains, inspire creative ideas, and offer fresh perspectives on our personal and professional endeavours. Embrace the opportunity to disconnect from the daily grind and embark on a journey of rediscovery. You might be surprised by the magic it can bring to your life.