Presentation of ‘A Classical Adventure: The Architectural History of Downing College’

The Howard Foundation commissioned Tim Rawle to be the author and photographer of ‘A Classical Adventure’, a book about Downing College published in September 2015 and already lauded by The Georgian as a “well-researched architectural history” with “exceptional photographs”. On Saturday 16th July, Tim Rawle will be giving a lecture in The Howard Theatre, Downing College, Cambridge. The Book in […]

Fitting tribute to the Battle of the Somme

Today, people are uniting to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the Battle of the Somme. 600,000 British soldiers fought for our country – 20,000 of whom never returned. It was the bloodiest day in our history. This tragic event will be acknowledged and honoured across our country with 2 minutes of silence. One of Scream Blue Murder’s […]