Our last blog introduced ‘Adventurous Abby’, a fictitious customer persona for B2C marketing. We also spoke about the importance of knowing your target customer. So, hot on the heels of Abby, we have created ‘Determined Dominic’ as our fictional marketing persona for business-to-business (B2B) marketing.

‘Determined Dominic,’ MD.

‘It’s my business, but my team helps me get things done and make things happen. We share the same values and unite towards a common purpose, creating quality products that our customers need and want. In addition, our exceptional team delivers outstanding customer service for our customers, propelling us to the forefront of our industry. As such, we are searching for a marketing company we can partner with to create some engaging new marketing that will get us noticed and helps us achieve our growth targets.’


  • Aged 35-55
  • 65% male, 35% female
  • Preferred industries: Food & drink, technical, freight, engineering

Business Responsibilities

  • Owner/CEO
  • Oversee sales and marketing strategy, signing off activity and budget. Management of day-to-day activity falls to the general/office manager/part-time sales & marketing assistant.


  • Understands the need to invest in external expertise for the business to grow
  • Carefully monitors all costs but isn’t willing to sacrifice the quality of service
  • Reviews information carefully, taking time to evaluate the pros and cons before deciding
  • Open to new solutions, but needs evidence and data to show they work
  • Values relationships when working with suppliers
  • Understands how to generate lifetime value from existing customers as well as revenue from new ones, which is never easy!
  • Dislikes repetitive mundane tasks (admin!). Would rather be out talking to customers, developing new products/services for the business
  • Likes clear, actionable plans that drive goals forward


  • Can-do attitude – anything is possible!
  • It’s all in the detail and data!

Challenges/pain points

  • Business growth through a) gaining new customers b) increasing lifetime value from existing customers
  • Additional external resource for more consistent marketing
  • Expert marketing advice to market to their target customer effectively
  • Improving conversion rates
  • Getting their marketing right – they have tried a lot, but has it worked?
  • Business needs a new website and marketing campaign to attract new customers. However, who do they speak to for the right advice to provide him with the best experience?

Preferred content & media

  • LinkedIn – for industry news/competitor news/potential customers.
  • Prefers initial contact via email or LinkedIn with a follow-up phone call from new contacts
  • Prefers to speak to existing customers on the phone as recognises the importance of good customer communication
  • Likes easily digestible case studies/blogs/infographics to keep up to speed on industry news

Preferred channels

  • Organic search
  • LinkedIn
  • Industry magazines (online and offline)

Marketing messaging focus

  • High-level focus with ROI
  • Success story
  • Quality, yet value for money
  • Tell me something I don’t know
  • Authentic

Where do I find the data to create my target customer profile?

It’s all about the research! You’ll be amazed at what you already know about your ideal customer from your customer data. Although, if you still have information gaps, you can try the following:

  • Survey!
    • Ask your existing customers to share their views, opinions, and challenges.
    • Speak to your potential target audience; how can you take them from potential customers to loyal fans?
  • Market research
    • Investigate published trends in your industry and follow studies by government agencies, trade associations and your competitors.
    • Look to your online community.
  • Look to your digital
    • Analyse your email stats, website analytics and social channels.
  • Participate in online communities
  • Use your network
    • Attend business events and networking groups – these can open doors and introduce you to new areas of industry.
    • Use your own network – ask friends and family for their opinions and ask them to share your online posts.

A Negative Target Customer Profile

One final word – if you get stuck creating your target customer profile, think about creating a negative target customer profile! This would be the person most unlikely to purchase your products or services and one you do not wish to actively target with your marketing budget. It’s a fun exercise to do and can help quickly solidify your views on your true target audience.

Would you like more? Check out Udemy’s target market training courses, or speak to us for your very own workshop.

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