Fitting tribute to the Battle of the Somme

Today, people are uniting to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the Battle of the Somme. 600,000 British soldiers fought for our country – 20,000 of whom never returned. It was the bloodiest day in our history. This tragic event will be acknowledged and honoured across our country with 2 minutes of silence. One of Scream Blue Murder’s […]

Better browsing: image size matters!

It’s accepted wisdom these days that page loading times are pretty crucial to our experience when we visit a website: so crucial in fact, that according to KissMetrics, if a page takes more than 2 seconds to load, we get seriously twitchy and at 3 seconds, 40 per cent of us are likely to abandon the page – and […]

Mail | 5 steps to stop email ruling your life!

How to reduce the number of emails in your Inbox Does it ever feel like your inbox is taking over your life? Especially over the Christmas period or when you are on holiday? After a pretty non-stop year, I made a conscious decision to take some time away from my computer over Christmas and the […]

Mystery in the Attic: we need a Sherlock-type!

Earlier this year, John and Richard uncovered some very old, dusty boxes in the attic at The Wilderness that turned out to be full of what appear to be headline letterpress fonts of the hand cut variety. We have no idea how old these fonts are, although we have deduced that they may be from […]

Life doesn’t always go according to plan!

Following on from the posts on how excited we have been over the letterpress poster we printed at Francis Cupiss Letterpress printers earlier in the year, I thought I would write and tell you that things don’t always go according to plan, in life… sh*t happens!

Slow internet speed and don’t know why?

Do you want to know why your internet speed could possibly be slow? Recently I have been noticing my internet speed slowing considerably. Living in rural areas does mean that you tend to get less speed than those in cities and towns but this time it seemed to be disturbingly slow. I went recently to the […]

Letterpress Printing | Unique Type discovered after many years

Last week I had the pleasure of going back in to see John and Richard at Francis Cupiss. On arriving I was warmly greeted (as always) and told that since the launch of the new website they have been creating a catalogue of the letterpress type in the back room. As well as looking in the […]

Change your opinion about social media – it’s not just for geeks

“Isn’t social media, Facebook and the like, for teenagers or the ‘Computer Generation’? How is this going to help me and my business?” This isn’t the first time I have come across this opinion of social media, but this morning I was asked whether I could give an explanation of social media, especially LinkedIn, and how […]

Site Launch: Cupiss Letterpress

We have just launched a new website for Francis Cupiss Printers in Diss. The new site under the new domain, is a retina ready, fully responsive, modern site, featuring commissioned photography with a traditional twist. The Brief Francis Cupiss first started letterpress printing in 1830. John Harding is now at the helm (the 4th generation […]

5 Top tips for when technology let’s you down

  I have recently been unfortunate again, in that my hard drive gave up the ghost on my laptop, sending my world into oblivion for a day! Don’t think this is the first time this has happened to me, oh no, I am becoming a bit of a pro with regards to technological disasters, this […]