Marketing & Mountains – My Snowdon Journey Part I

Marketing and Mountains! Karin Carruthers from Scream Blue Murder has just completed her latest mountain challenge! She has likened it to creating a marketing campaign! You can either do it the easy way using just one media, up the ante with a more targeted approach or create a multi-layered, multi-touchpoint marketing campaign that truly engages […]

Thoughtful Marketing – are you on board?

Scream Blue Murder have just signed up to the Thoughtful Marketing Movement.  Created by online florists Bloom & Wild, their inspiration came from giving their customers a chance to opt-out of emails around sensitive occasions like Mother’s Day.

Homepage Carousels – do they generate business?

Carousels, sliders or slideshows – whatever you call them, are the montage of images that rotate on homepages of websites today. So, how effective are they, and do they generate more business as a result?

Virtual meetings – do they make us more or less punctual?

Before virtual meetings, remember when we had a meeting in our diary, where we had to travel to meet someone? I dressed smartly to meet a potential new client or associate, allocating time in my diary to prep ahead of the meeting and travel to the location. The address was in my GPS, and off […]

Typography Tuesday – When to use hanging punctuation

Welcome to Type Tuesday! To hang or not to hang…? That is today’s question as we investigate hanging punctuation! Actually, we are exploring if opening punctuation marks should sit outside a body of type or should they align with the type?

Typography Tuesday – The Hyphen, en dash and em dash

Welcome to Type Tuesday. The use of dashes and hyphens is often inconsistent in writing. These typography elements are easy to find on a keyboard, but did you know that they are actually three different horizontal marks of different lengths and uses? They are called the hyphen, en dash and em dash.