Homepage Carousels – do they generate business?

Carousels, sliders or slideshows – whatever you call them, are the montage of images that rotate on homepages of websites today. So, how effective are they, and do they generate more business as a result?

5 Top tips for when technology let’s you down

  I have recently been unfortunate again, in that my hard drive gave up the ghost on my laptop, sending my world into oblivion for a day! Don’t think this is the first time this has happened to me, oh no, I am becoming a bit of a pro with regards to technological disasters, this […]

20 Questions you should answer before developing a new website

When looking at updating or commissioning a website it is helpful to know what you want your new site to accomplish for your company. Here is a list of 20 questions that may help you and the designers and developers to pinpoint the main objectives: