Scream Blue Murder have just signed up to the Thoughtful Marketing Movement.  Created by online florists Bloom & Wild, their inspiration came from giving their customers a chance to opt-out of emails around sensitive occasions like Mother’s Day.

The response to this initiative has been overwhelming. Indeed, it even got a mention in a Parliamentary debate! What’s more, they saw the enormous potential to make a positive impact by spreading the principles of opt-out more widely, and so The Thoughtful Marketing Movement was born.

Many global brands have signed up, including Wagamana, The Body Shop, Calm, The Telegraph and Papier, and we are thrilled to take our place alongside them! We hope we can make a positive impact too.

Thoughtful Marketing – why we got involved.

Scream Blue Murder is a design communications and marketing agency that thinks personally. We create individual, well-considered communications, not mass-market ones. Indeed, one size does not fit all!

We share our ethos in our employee handbook, where we talk about how ‘listening and truly understanding requirements is key to offering successful solutions to a client’s problem.’ We are client-led, ethical and innovative too. We want to make a positive difference to everyone we meet through our campaigns and the relationships we forge.

So, for us, The Thoughtful Marketing Movement is entirely up our street!

Thoughtful Marketing – how to get involved

It’s easy. Just sign up to commit to setting up opt-out emails, tailoring your marketing messages to talk to your opted-out audience.

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