Typography Tuesday – When to use hanging punctuation

Welcome to Type Tuesday! To hang or not to hang…? That is today’s question as we investigate hanging punctuation! Actually, we are exploring if opening punctuation marks should sit outside a body of type or should they align with the type?

Typography Tuesday – The Hyphen, en dash and em dash

Welcome to Type Tuesday. The use of dashes and hyphens is often inconsistent in writing. These typography elements are easy to find on a keyboard, but did you know that they are actually three different horizontal marks of different lengths and uses? They are called the hyphen, en dash and em dash.

Typography Tuesday – Ligatures: Top tips to improve your design

Welcome to Typography Tuesday or Type Tuesday for short!  Every Tuesday, we’ll be exploring typography and the use of type in the modern-day language, delving into the various design nuances. Some of these you may know, while others may have been forgotten as we have evolved into the digital era.

7 Tips on how to choose a font to be a part of your brand

Recently I’ve been working with start-up businesses, helping them identify and construct their company’s brand which included choosing fonts to represent their products or services. I also work with firms looking to change or expand their current corporate brand identity, looking to ensure potential customers recognise them. Correctly building your brand is everything – it […]