Tweet. Chirp. Squawk. Twitter. Peep. Cheep. Squeak. Chop. Sing. Beep. Pipe. Cry. Shriek. Screech. Scream. Call.

How often do we sit and completely immerse ourselves in birdsong, tapping into our senses and tuning in to what is going on around us? We stop, we take notice, and we listen to the nuances of the plethora of sounds clamouring for our attention.

They are songs for attracting a mate, communicating danger, advertising territorial boundaries, raising the alarm, identifying breeding grounds and defending families, to name just a few.

Each has a distinct bandwidth, length, pitch and complexity, communicating key messages exactly when they should be heard. There are even different dialects.

Birdsong is a communicator – so is marketing

Marketing is about touching your market at the right time with precise messages. Messages pitched at the right level, containing the right words and sprinkled with emotion to make your customers stop, think and engage.

The trick is to create marketing messages that rise above the interference and disruption, so they are recognised and heard, telling your story with the correct narrative and expression.

  • What do your customers fear?
  • What problems do they have?
  • How can you help them with your products or services?

Tune out to tune in

Whether you are chirping, tweeting or singing, create attention. Help your customers get to where they want to be by singing different songs and telling unique stories with a specific set of signals that can be recognised. This is your marketing at its best.

Don’t forget, what is not being said is often more important than what is actually communicated.

Marketing messages that work mean your customers can listen above the noise. They can distinguish between the tweeting and chirping of your competitors to hear the one true message, the one message that resonates with them. Yours. Once they have tuned in, they will be able to hear your message time and time again with the utmost clarity, understanding that to get to where they need to be, they need you to help them.

We don’t whisper your story. We Scream Blue Murder. A design and marketing communications agency.

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