It’s still satisfying to see your work out there in the real world rather than on a computer screen. I have just seen the new branding Scream Blue Murder designed for the Styne Group on one of their vans and I couldn’t help waving at the driver who clearly had no idea who I was.

Scream Blue Murder was asked to provide branding for the Styne Group, a dynamic East Anglian business with big plans for the future.

Styne Group brings together three companies focusing on cooling, power and motion, and intend to expand and develop new business in East Anglia, which is great news for the regional economy, especially now.

Many people don’t fully understand what branding is and think that it’s just designing a company logo. That is not the case with the Styne Group and is part of the reason that they were so easy to work with.

I would like to thank everyone at the Styne Group who made so many valuable contributions to develop the new branding and give a special thank you to Vince and the team at Coastline Graphics who have, as usual, have done a magnificent job of wrapping the van.