A new logo for Cranleigh Activities

New logo for Cranleigh Activities building which represents different enterprise, movement and age groups. We were thrilled to be offered the task to create their new logo.

Dupytren’s Summit 2013

Dupuytren’s disease is known to be a fairly common problem, often for men and women in their 50s and beyond, but also sometimes for children, that can cause a contraction of one or more fingers into the palm of the hand.

Aptus Architectural Design

When Martin came to the office to discuss a logo he wanted, he was quite sure about the look and feel of how he wanted it to look. We listened to his thoughts and examples of what he liked and didn’t and gave us the blank canvas to be creative.

Cranleigh School

When Cranleigh School in Surrey asked us to modernise its corporate branding with a fresher, more dynamic approach, they were also looking for designs that would communicate ‘value for investment’, for a school with a long history that embraces family, networking and opportunity as well as outstanding education for its students.


DisplayTek specialises in backlit tensioned fabric display systems and LED displays. The units are unique in their simple, modular construction and using different types of tensioned fabric, these display, exhibition and retail stands do stand out in a crowd.

Abbey Estate Agents

Abbey Estate Agents is an independent family firm, established in the cathedral city of St. Albans, in Hertfordshire. MD and founder Gary Whittaker was looking for a new logo design that would reflect the City’s traditional colours, blue and yellow, while at the same time updating his company’s logo for a more modern feel.

The Swift Piano Bar

Our brief was to create a logo that captured the feel of a newly refurbished piano bar, whilst also encapsulating the original nuance of the hotel in which it’s situated.

Gabriel’s Garden

Gabrielle Reid came to Scream Blue Murder for help in creating an identity for her innovative new company, Gabriel’s Garden. Growing out of an existing business that sold locally grown fresh salads, with a ‘garden gate’ and farmer’s market clientele, Gabriel’s Garden would supply seasonal flowers to a select customer base – and Gabi wanted to find a broader audience, while clearly defining her company as a unique, specialist enterprise.

The Medical Room

The Medical Room is a specialist recruitment and training company for the Medical Engineering sector. Scream Blue Murder started working with the company in 2010, following an introduction from another of our clients.