Customer: Hayward Miller

Effective design to create strong first impressions

Leaflet design is a crucial tool in creating an impactful first impression for a company.  Leaflet design must stand out from the crowd, convey the company’s core elements and demonstrate the company’s branding.

Karin first met Andy Hayward from Hayward Miller at a seminar they were both attending. Hearing about Scream Blue Murder’s services, Andy showed Karin his current marketing leaflet. Immediately Karin demonstrated how she could see a greater use of their branding. Furthermore, the current leaflet may have subliminally targeted only technical sectors, because of the front image.  Therefore resulting in potentially alienating different industries – limiting Hayward Miller’s spread.

Leaflet Design Requirements

After their initial meeting, Karin and Andy further discussed the leaflets and Hayward Miller’s marketing needs. Subsequently. it became apparent Hayward Miller’s marketing needed a clean slate with a fresh branding approach.

Reconsidering the leaflet design and content meant looking at sourcing stock photos that would work with the leaflet design. Using stock photos can bring problems; often the images can look forced or cheesy. Several hours of picture research later – several professional images were chosen. Where necessary, these were retouched, even to adjust the colour of a tie or lipstick shade to enhance the overall picture.


After the third set of design evolution, Andy approved the ‘family’ colour for the design and branding which was to be used across every element. This ensured a sense of uniformity throughout all of Hayward Miller’s marketing.

Because of the striking and effective design, branded business cards for each of the company’s five different sale elements were also designed and printed.  Scream Blue Murder has since designed five marketing banners for each element and is working on Hayward Miller’s new website.

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