Customer: Gabriel's Garden

Gabrielle Reid came to Scream Blue Murder for help in creating an identity for her innovative new company, Gabriel’s Garden. Growing out of an existing business that sold locally grown fresh salads, with a ‘garden gate’ and farmer’s market clientele, Gabriel’s Garden would supply seasonal flowers to a select customer base – and Gabi wanted to find a broader audience, while clearly defining her company as a unique, specialist enterprise.

We helped Gabi to focus on exactly what she wanted from her company, looking at who would buy her products, what exactly those products were going to be and identifying the characteristics and competitive advantages and USPs of her brand, as well as who her key competitors were.

As Gabriel’s Garden was a start-up business and Gabi’s budget for the project was limited, we needed to be creative in defining her brand in a way that could capture people’s imagination ahead of her doors actually opening for business. Gabi needed a calling card that would work on many levels: designed and printed within a tight budget but something that could also be used as a flyer, a business card and all importantly, to define and distinguish her unique product.

The answer came in the form of a luggage style swing label: a fresh, earthy design that could be attached to product, containing all of the necessary information and at the same time reflecting a solid identity for Gabriel’s Garden.

Over the last two years, Gabi says that the swing label, more than her business cards or any other marketing materials, have remained the simplest, best and most distinctive representation of her business, setting her aside from her competitors and delivering high retention value among her growing clientele.

Identity and logo should define, at a single glance, the very essence of all that a company stands for. Most importantly, regardless of the size of the business, it is essential to listen to a client’s needs and vision for their brand.

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A Gabriel's Garden swing ticket on a slate background
Logo of Flowers from Gabriel's Garden
Instruction leaflet for wreath making kit

Instruction leaflet for wreath making kit