Captain of my Destiny - letterpress poster
Sneak preview of the “Captain of my Destiny” letterpress poster

Following on from the posts on how excited we have been over the letterpress poster we printed at Francis Cupiss Letterpress printers earlier in the year, I thought I would write and tell you that things don’t always go according to plan, in life… sh*t happens!

As part of the project, Ollie Dakin from Mill Green Video Productions came to video on the days when we were there setting up, doing test prints, printing and finishing. Ollie then spent time going through the edits and creating an 8 minute video (actually 8:10 but we were working on reducing it to below 8 mins).

That night as Ollie was uploading the final edit to he retired to bed thinking job well done.

Unfortunately and opportunistically, a thief broke into the house saw the laptop and absconded with it in mid flow. The laptop gone, the raw, original files all on the computer, Ollie got the most horrible shock in the morning.

We hoped that through Find my iPhone some nasty person would get a shock when the police turned up, but that hasn’t happened yet and that’s another story, but it has taken us a while to work out what to do from there.

We really needed a 60 sec and a 30 sec video for marketing the poster and we only had an 8 minute video with sound and clips all ‘glued together’!

Thanks to some careful editing, rejigging and optional length music supplied by we were able to get the sound track, the print machine and background noise with important clips all re-edited to give you a 60 second clip and the 30 second clip.

Even when life is against you and things don’t always work, there is always the saying

“if at first you don’t succeed… CHEAT!”


Additional comment: Ollie was contacted recently by the police who have retrieved the laptop amongst other stolen items! How remarkable is that?