Customer: YOPEY

Scream Blue Murder has worked for YOPEY (which stands for Young People of the Year) events since 2008. As a county based programme for young people aged 11-23, the aim of the awards is to reveal, recognise and reward young unsung heroes, promoting their achievements to create positive role models for their peers while also giving a fairer image of young people in the media.

Events are held around the country each year, each with its own campaign to administer, promote and stage a prestigious event, where those nominated and their families and friends gather to pay tribute to young people who have gone the extra mile to help a person or a cause – or demonstrated exceptional courage or citizenship.

Our involvement with YOPEY events has grown over the years, from starting work with the original designs that already existed to produce the multitude of materials that are needed for each campaign, including:

  • County-based logos, to include the presentation of major sponsors
  • Entry Forms, in printed and digital formats with form fields
  • Posters, in printed and digital formats
  • Website sponsor panel
  • DVD cover
  • Invitations, in printed and digital formats
  • Pop-up banners and sponsorship panels
  • Oversized presentation cheques
  • Nameplates
  • Lanyards
  • Event Programmes
  • Certificates
  • Show and event presentations, where we work with young volunteers to present the awards.

Scream Blue Murder is very proud to be associated with the YOPEYs and everything they stand for. And so, it seems, are a growing number of high-profile figures, MPs and many more, who see the value in helping to promote fairer, more positive standing for young people in our society.

If you would like to know more about the YOPEYs and the work of founder Tony Gearing and his team, please take a few minutes to explore the YOPEY website.

Poster for the London Young People of the Year 2013
Entry Form for the London Young People of the Year Awards 2013
Invitation to the London John Lewis Young People of the Year 2014