Customer: Paws indoors

A new warm and welcoming website for, mobile vet, Paws Indoors, reflecting their brand and professionalism.

Paws Indoors is the only mobile vet covering Norfolk and North Suffolk. They approached us to design and build a new website that reflected their professionalism and the warmth and care they give to all the animals they treat.

As they were writing the content, they wanted to ensure it was correctly organised, with clear headings and navigation enabling an effortless user experience. This was particularly important when clients needed urgent assistance, were often emotional and stressed, and needed to find information quickly and easily.

Design Requirements

  • A warm and welcoming site, upmarket and professional – appealing to everyone
  • Mobile friendly
  • Easy to navigate ‘at a glance’ in times of crisis
  • Straightforward for the office of ‘non-techies’ to update
  • Clear calls to action

Website Design

We use atomic design as a methodology for creating our design systems throughout the build. This means anyone can build a new page using the same elements we’ve designed, making it effortless and on-brand every time.

As with all design projects, we begin with the logo, embracing the Paws Indoors brand identity and colour palette across the board. The ‘paws’ in the logo gave us a friendly feel, which gave us ideas for graphics and icons throughout the site. For example, the ‘paw’ icon draws the user to all client testimonials, and Pet Health Club icons break up the text for easier reading.

The Results

‘Everyone at Scream Blue Murder are always available, reassuring to non-techies, knowledgeable and easy to work with. We love their friendly but professional approach. We now have a fabulous website that makes me proud every time I look at it. The design sets us apart from our competitors and perfectly reflects who we are and what we do. We look forward to a continuing working relationship. Highly recommended.’