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On occasions, Scream Blue Murder is asked to collaborate with a client’s existing agency or team of agencies, to fill a gap or deliver additional areas of expertise. In the case of Opes International, another design company was already working on their brand identity, but Opes International needed a retina ready responsive website, and we were the company for the job.

The design agency responsible for Opes International’s new brand identity provided us with imagery, descriptions and brand guidelines. They also explained how they envisaged the website to be retina ready, fully responsive and how diagonal design is a fundamental element of Opes International’s new identity. The website design needed to be clean and simple yet display a distinctive, professional quality to stand out in the highly competitive chemical products market.

Designing a website on diagonals is as easy as pushing a square pin through a round hole – and creating a responsive site with diagonals posed even more design and programming questions.

We created the site in WordPress, working alongside SBM associate Trippnology for all special programming needs. Slide-in graphics were added, and retina-ready images were used to  reinforce the company’s ethos and key messages. These also gave the site more movement and energy.

Opes International’s full chemical products catalogue has been added and linked to searches by category, with product descriptions and specifications available at a single click.

Finally, complete access to content management allows Opes International full control of their website’s content and updates. This content management system is designed to be as easy to use behind the scenes as it is for visitors navigating their website.

After more research and testing than most websites require, Opes International have been left with a retina ready, full responsive website of which they are very pleased.

See for yourself how teamwork put a new slant on the supply of chemical products at or call us on 01379 676720 and discuss how we can create a retina ready and responsive website for you.

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