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As an artisan florist and grower of fine flowers, Gabriel’s Garden brings a very special kind of style and inspiration to flowers for bouquets, arrangements and events – and we wanted to reflect such art with stunning photography for their literature and website.

Our first mission was to locate an area capable of offering a range of styles and settings for our photoshoot, it had to truly represent Gabriel’s Garden’s unique style.

Discovering Chaucer Barn in North Norfolk was excellent, we knew we’d found the perfect place. The barn, beautifully styled with plenty of variety in terms of colour, decor and light would make the ideal venue.

Through meticulous planning we maintained a natural flow from one room to the next, making the most of precious daylight hours and achieving all we needed in a single day’s shoot.

To compliment our planning, Gabriel’s Garden created a number of beautiful floral arrangements, brilliantly set-off in an incredible surrounding.

Using great locations and our imagination, we can create all the photographic images you could possibly need for your marketing requirements. Call us on 01379 676720 to discuss further.

Photography: Nick Read

Blue bedroom with blue and purple flowers
Yellow and white flowers with green foliage in yellow bedroon
Vibrant flowers in blue vase in modern sitting room at Chaucer Barn