Customer: Cranleigh

The best thing about our work is the variety that our customers ask for – It’s not every day you get to design an enamel badge!

Cranleigh Preparatory School has provided us with a lot of exciting projects over the years! One such project was the creation of a bee badge that would be given out to students who work on their paper, ‘The Buzz’.

We were asked to create an enamel badge and also a header banner for their newspaper featuring our bee design. You can view the final outcomes below, along with some of our other designs.

Enamel badges are a great way to help create pride in a school for children, they’re also a fantastic marketing tool. Accessories of any kind such as embossed ties, aprons, socks, or beverage insulators, armband phone holders or memory sticks displaying a company’s logo are a very simple and very effective way to get your company’s name out of your office and into the world.

If you’d like more information or ideas of how to effectively market yourself using these kinds of accessories, give us a ring and we’ll have a chat over a cuppa! (We also print our designs on mugs …)