Customer: Attwood Acorn Ltd

Independant financial advisers and mortgage brokers Attwood Acorn approached Scream Blue Murder in the summer of 2016 as they wanted their local surrounding area of South Norfolk to have a greater understanding of the many services they offer, including the contentious subject of equity release. They felt it prudent people living locally to their office should be aware of the advise and help they offer on such a broad and tricky area of finance. Advertising was the perfect solution.

Among many questions, it is essential to check a company knows exactly what they wish to achieve from advertising, what their advertising budget is and what time limit they have given themselves or require. Obviously the adverts would need to provide a good return on their marketing budget investment (ROI), therefore it was essential that Attwood Acorn’s campaign should be thoroughly measurable to ensure success. After a period of research and contemplation, it was decided that advertising in local publications would be the best way to reach the desired target audience. A digital campaign would not have the same direct reach for this particular geographic and age-based demographic.

A plan was devised which involved using three different local publications with different pricing structures and artwork sizes. Testing and measuring was then vital to consider how effective each advert was and whether this would be useful for future campaigns. We also had to be mindful of the laws and regulations with which the finance industry needs to comply, so all copy was thoroughly checked by the Financial Conduct Authority.

After three months of watching our plan unfurl and asking customers where exactly they had found out about Attwood Acorn, we then accurately measured which advertisement had been most beneficial in terms of target reach and budget, therefore providing the company with the greatest ROI. Had this research and thought not been carried out, this company may well have given up entirely on advertising or carried on wasting money by placing ads in publications or areas that simply would not reach their desired market audience.

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An advert for Attwood Acorn Limited in the Village People magazine
Equity Release Black and White advert for Attwood Acorn