Cranleigh School - Branding

Any company should be instantly recognisable; a distinctive logo and consistent use of colours and fonts will ensure your brand stands out. We design for established companies requiring a rebrand or start-ups looking for a brand identity. Your identity can then be marketed onto business cards, stationary, leaflets, signage, websites and more. Scream Blue Murder will then design you a personalised set of company brand guidelines to ensure future branding remains consistent and your visual message is retained across all products and mediums

Logo Design

A logo is important as people can instantly recognise your company, it also helps represent your brand identity and visual marketing. Your company needs a strong image, brand colours can be incorporated into a logo to also reinforce your identity. We take the time to talk with companies and fully understand their business and ethos so their logo truly represents them, be it a brand new logo or an existing logo that needs to evolve with the business.

Brand Development

Whether you already have a logo or would like us to design a new one for you, the next step is to develop your look into a ‘brand’. This is your company’s image, therefore absolutely everything you are involved with and use from product packaging to brochures, stationary, aprons, signage or even office colours, is consistent to the image you wish your company and staff to project. We are experienced in advising, creating and implementing all aspects of brand development.

Style Guidelines

Retaining brand consistency is not always easy, to help you and your company we design and develop brand guidelines to explain your brand choices and how to keep them accurate and consistent for future works. From logo usage and typefaces to colours and brand examples, the guidelines are there to help you and everyone in your company stay on the same page!

Brand Templates

We love to design document templates for internal and external usage. Templates are a fantastic method to ensure brand consistency remains true through all departments and helps prevent staff wasting their time. Whether a company requires word processing templates or presentation templates, we work on all platforms and apps to make certain there are templates to showcase their brand.


If your company is hosting a conference, you will require a company identity to suit such an affair. Scream Blue Murder can guide you from the initial ‘Save the Date’ email newsletters, through to the Invitation, Agenda and Delegate booklets to ensure all corporate information has been delivered to your visitors including location, date and provisions you will be supplying on the day. All information will be fully branded to ensure a professional, reassuring finish and your company’s message is clearly displayed. On the day, should you require banners and promotional equipment such as branded pads, pens and branded tote bags, we can easily design and print such items. We also happily produce informative and interesting, well polished presentations so companies do not have to. These are all individually packaged and branded so you and your company can relax, safe in the knowledge your conference will be a success.

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