Customer: Muur Roberts

Muur Roberts specialises in Parent Effectiveness Training and wanted to set herself up as her own business, so she was in need of a logo!

Creating a logo for Muur Roberts is a lovely example of how important creating a logo is, in terms of truly representing a company or person. Muur specialises in Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.), Youth Effectiveness Training (Y.E.T), Be Your Best (B.Y.B) and also Teacher Effectiveness Training (T.E.T). 

We spent time listening to Muur, and came to understand she has a wonderful relationship with people, fully listening to their needs and requirements whilst gently training people to understand how to help themselves and their families.

Creating a logo is more than simply creating a design everyone likes. A logo needs to embody the company’s ethics and ethos, or vision and mission statement.

It is essential to remember your logo will be the first image most people will see of you and your company. We’re not suggesting for one moment that you may be competing with Nike, McDonalds or Virgin (to name but a few iconic logos) but you do need to stand out in your field of expertise and stand apart from your competitors. Although a logo is a small part of your overall brand image and identity, it is crucial it represents you or your company.

Soothing colours and friendly shapes were an absolutely integral part of how we viewed Muur and her work, and it was extremely important to us that Muur’s logo reflected her work and personality.

The logo on the left is the final outcome, but please view the other logos we initially created for Muur on the right hand side.

Creating a logo for Muur Roberts
Suggested logos - creating a logo for Muur Roberts