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Getting the chance to work with printers that have been around since 1830 is a rare and wonderful opportunity, especially for a design company with a passion for type and the power of a well-chosen font. So when Cupiss MD John Harding called on us to help bring the company into the digital age, wild horses couldn’t have kept us away.

It was a landmark event for Cupiss – and as we listened to their story, surrounded by printing presses of antiquity, including the very first press purchased by veterinarian and company founder Francis Cupiss in 1830, we started to plan a truly modern, responsive website.

Specialising in letterpress stationery, the company’s clients range from businesses that still prefer traditional print, to print for posters, books and embossed invitations for Society weddings.

Cupiss would be the first to admit that their original website felt almost as ancient as the business itself, so the brief was to bring them right up to date, with a website that could accommodate e-commerce for sales of their specialist cards, posters and other beautifully printed materials.

Our response was a fully responsive, retina ready website, with new studio and on-site photography to make sure the quality of Cupiss print work was really visible at screen resolution. While some of the amazing old letterpress blocks that have been found at The Wilderness may need the dust blowing off, their new website certainly doesn’t. Showcasing the traditional with a modern site supported by social media and ecommerce has really given the staff at Cupiss something to blog about.

If you hanker over letterpress printing like we do, we would certainly recommend a visit to Cupiss. There’s always a warm welcome – and you may even find yourself wanting to do your own ‘Experience Day‘, which John and his team are always happy to provide…

Timeless… when you walk in, the smells of printing ink and the sounds of the letterpress printer’s repetitive motion soothe you and take you on a journey back in time… You immediately feel at home: solid and grounded, where printing history is captured – all in one place! Magical.

Or visit the Cupiss Letterpress website here and you may be tempted to find out more…