Customer: Attwood and Webb Ltd.

A seemingly simple, eye-popping design with well written content is key to a successful leaflet

Attwood and Webb Ltd required leaflets to promote their equitable release services in their local area of Norfolk. It was essential their advertising reached target audiences whilst standing out from competitors.

Scream Blue Murder researched Attwood and Webb’s target audience and how best to communicate their message. We concluded their ideal clients are less likely to be digitally influenced. Therefore we created a campaign designing printed leaflets. We advertised in local publications and designed a one page website.

Designing leaflets

The design of leaflets is an essential aspect of a successful marketing campaign. If you distribute two batches of 5000, the company needs to know their targeted audience is going to see them, read them and act upon the call to action.

The front layout

To grab attention, we placed a vibrant header image at the top of the leaflet. This picture is of a couple in their late 50s/early 60s (their target audience’s age), laughing in a sunny garden as the man is pushing the woman about in a wheel barrow.

Furthermore the lady’s bright pink welly boots which pop out brilliantly!  The reason this is essential is people will remember the ad with the pink wellies, as a result forcing the leaflet to stand out from the usual financial leaflets.

The back layout

Continuing on the back of the leaflet we displayed Attwood and Webb’s other financial services.  We then created eight boxes alternating their two brand colours, each rectangle displaying a different service.

The campaign

The leaflets were distributed in two batches of 5000 using a direct mail postcode drop delivery. Finally,  Scream Blue Murder ran a fully measured, three month marketing campaign including: copywriting the advertising for targeted local publications and the design and creation of a new logo and one page website.

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